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José Zariffa, PhD, PEng

Adaptive Neurorehabilitation Systems Laboratory​

UofT - 2016-04-06-3983 - Cropped 2.jpeg

​Dr. Zariffa is a biomedical engineer with appointments as a Scientist at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute – University Health Network and as an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto.  Dr. Zariffa directs the Adaptive Neurorehabilitation Systems laboratory, whose members focus on developing technology for upper limb neurorehabilitation. For example, to evaluate the true impact of rehabilitation strategies on daily life, his team is developing a system to measure hand function at home using wearable cameras. Looking to the next generation of assistive technologies, he is learning how to intercept and interpret neural signals to create direct interfaces with the nervous system.

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