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Anthony Burns, MD, FRCPC

Spinal Cord Injury Clinical Outcomes Laboratory


Sukhvinder Kalsi-Ryan, BscPT, Msc, PhD

Upper Extremity NeuroRestorative and Innovations Laboratory

Kristin Musselman, PT, PhD

Spinal Cord Injury Mobility Laboratory

Catharine Craven, MD, FRCPC

EMD Risk, Health Services and Systems Laboratory

Cesar Márquez Chin, PhD

Therapeutic Applications of Complex Systems Laboratory

Milos R. Popovic, PhD, PEng

Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory


Julio C. Furlan, MD, LLB, MBA, PhD, MSc, FRCPC

NeuroRehab SCIence & Solutions Lab

Kei Masani, PhD

Motion & Adaptation Science Laboratory

UofT - 2016-04-06-3983 - Cropped 2.jpeg

José Zariffa, PhD, PEng

Adaptive Neurorehabilitation Systems Laboratory

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